Frequently Asked Questions

Suzani Museum

  1. If you want to upload pictures you must create a profile first. You don’t need to use your name and can be anonymous if you wish.

  2. If you don’t want to upload pictures and simply want to look at the images already in the database, click on the tab ,”Newest members”. This will take you to the page with all users and all their uploaded pictures.

    Just click on each icon to view their collections.( For example-A79 Rippon Boswell & Co.) The next page that opens has ”thumbnail “ images of the suzanis in this collection. If you double-click on a thumbnail image the full high resolution picture will appear. You can scroll over the image and the zoom function will appear.

    Please notice that there are,”tags” associated with many of the images. In the future there will be ”tags” associated with all suzanis. You can use either one tag, or a group of tags in combination to search the database for other suzanis with the same tags. Although the web site has the ability to perform these searches now, very few suzanis today, have tags on them. The placing of the correct tags is critical to the proper functioning of the search feature and will be done by a qualified team of ”administrators” in the future. If you would like to help, please let me know.

  3. We are indebted to Detlef Maltzahn and Rippon Boswell for both their continued advice and support of this project and for giving us all their high resolution images and text of all the suzanis they have sold over the years. Their assistance has made this web site possible.