Suzani Museum

This site is created as a Wiki. As a Wiki, it is a site for the world of Suzani lovers to look at and display the beautiful embroideries of Central Asia made before 1900, a site for users to modify and use as they see fit. If there is a function you’d like to see that I have not yet created, please post a comment in the comment box so others in the Suzani community can let me know if they also want that function. If five or more agree that this function is useful, we will build it into the application.

This version of the application is in its Beta test mode and will only be made available to a handful of the serious Suzani lovers while we together decide which features we want to incorporate. At this early stage, I am trying to learn if Suzani lovers really want such an application and if so, what exactly they want. In a few months, if enough serious enthusiasts (collectors, auctioneers, museum curators, dealers, researchers) express interest in the site and after I have modified the application to include the features you requested, I will open the application to the public.

Remember; I view this as your application, not mine. I have included a set of instructions on how to use this very basic version and I have included a memo to describe many additional features that might be added. But I need your feedback on how interested you are and what additional features you’d like to see.

We are indebted to the Code & Pixel for its donation of time in creating this application.